Cottage Grove: 20 miles south of Eugene | Population: 9,686

Opportunity: Due to the success of the Main Street Trick-or-Treat event, the Chamber of Commerce wants to promote their annual, all-day Christmas event on December 5th, essentially turning Cottage Grove into the go-to place for winter holiday events.

Approach: Drive curiosity by tapping into the feeling of the holidays, which lingers from the day after Halloween and sustains the entire month leading up to December 25th.


We created an open-face advent calendar to be handed out the day of Cottage Grove Christmas with names and details of events around the city.
On the back was a illustrated map of Cottage Grove to give residents of the city and surrounding areas a clear explanation of where all events were located. 

Challenge: Increase attendance, participation, and event tourism surrounding Cottage Grove's annual Main Street Trick-Or-Treat Halloween event.

Approach: Safe for kids, enjoyable for parents. Conventional Halloween events and activities, such as neighborhood trick-or-treating, have become expected and tiresome, becoming more of a chore rather than a fun, family-friendly event/activity. 








Card Flyers



Animated Short +
Radio Spot

Associate Creative Director: Chris Puma
Account Manager: Sonali Sompat
Strategy: Harley Garner/Izzy Kramer
Copy: Joseph McRobert/Amelia Inouye
Design: Courtney King
Media: Delanie Clark
Intern: Benson Wink