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Blk lacks a true target consumer in an already over-saturated market. Individuals already have their preferred, clear, enhanced-water beverage.


The All-Blk-Everything-Millennial: the stand-outs of their generation. These young adults are victims of double-takes and turning heads daily. They know that blk is the only color that never goes out of style.


The idea of individualism appeals to these millennials.
These millennials most likely own the newest iPhone and shop at All Saints, they don't just meet the status-quo, they're making tomorrows. 
Everything purchased is a purchase made with choice, the choice to no longer fit with the crowd. 


No one wants to be seen through, and these individuals are the last one's to let that happen to them.
For them, identity can no longer only be  justified by what they put on the outside of their bodies, but also by what they're putting in their bodies. 
Blk has the opportunity to become the brand that's known not only for it's unique and sleek look, but also for being just as harmless and natural as clear, boring, water. 


With the attitude of a hard-ass Manhattanite but the refreshing leisure of Southern California, Blk can bridge the gap between healthy energy and the typical over-caffeinated millennial.
Blk will do this by making sure we play the same game they do: Not Playing Nice.
By communicating with the same demeanor as these individuals use amongst their friends, Blk won't just be a brand to these millennials, it'll be their frenemy.

Brand Message: 

When Water meets Earth, we all benefit. 
While you don't want black water coming from your faucet, you can't deny how ridiculously good it looks in your hand.
Blk water acquires it's pitch black color from fulvic trace minerals, minerals that are critical to plant and animal life alike. 

Not everything has to be clear to be transparent. 


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Strategy/Design - Harley Garner
Copywriter/Strategy - Chris Puma
Design - Lisa Donato